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Our friends at ashmei are running a challenge called GOVEMBER with up to 35% discount!

It’s pretty simple really… the more miles you ride in November the bigger the discount you get on their world class performance apparel.

ashmei has a great incentive to keep you on the road training throughout November. We all know how easy it is to hang the bike up when it’s a bit cold or wet outside.

It starts on the 1st November and there are 3 challenges:

Challenge 1.
Ride 5 miles every day for the first week of November and get 10% off ashmei

Challenge 2.
Ride 5 miles every day throughout November and get 25% off ashmei

Challenge 3.
Ride 500+ miles throughout November and get 35% off ashmei

You simply need to log your miles via Strava or a similar app.
Miles ridden on the road and recorded in Strava or a similar app apply.
On-line training apps for turbo training (Zwift, Trainer Road, Tacx etc.) that record miles ridden apply.
Rides or turbo training sessions manually recorded (or added) in Strava or a similar app do not apply.

After you complete your challenge, contact ashmei with your Strava handle and they will provide you with a unique discount code.
More information on the challenge can be found here

Feel free to spread the word to friends and family as its open to anyone.