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Club Time Trial

Thanks so much to everyone who came along to our Club Time Trial. We hope everyone enjoyed taking part.
Big congrats to¬†Kristin Stolpe who came second overall in her first ever time trial, competing against some experienced women! Also big shout to Simon Pearce for the fastest men’s time (just 6 seconds off 3rd place in the Vets),¬†Ben Conradi¬†and¬†Matthew Buckle both went round in very good order for a combined time of 77.02 mins. This earned the club second place in the interclub challenge, with Hemel just beating us with some quick riding at 75.10 mins.
Special thanks to the volunteers – you are legends all of you and it wouldn’t have been possible without your help. We got lots of positive comments about our marshalling skills so thanks for making it possible for us to run this event.

Below are the results for the TT – the club had 23 riders out, a podium finish and very close to more medals – but by far the best part of today was seeing so many of our club having a crack. Really hope that we get a big turnout for our last event of the year – the Hill Climb on 22nd Oct!

Photos can be found on the clubs Photo page.

Name Club Time

Philip Skinner Welwyn Whs 26:56
Charlotte Davis Berkhamsted CC 33:03
Jez Kidd Berkhamsted CC 31:50
Peter Lavery Hemel Hempstead CC 25:14
Shaun Lennox Berkhamsted CC 34:21
Colin Hollick Berkhamsted CC 33:42
David Cuthbert Berkhamsted CC 32:24
Oliver Mytton Cambridge University CC 22:43
Ben Conradi Berkhamsted CC 26:34
Matt Buckle Berkhamsted CC 25.19
Martin Shewen Berkhamsted CC 28:51
Alex Gouveia Berkhamsted CC 34:44
Hemant Patel Berkhamsted CC 35:10
Tommy Wong Berkhamsted CC 28:47
Rob Fletcher TMG Horizon CT 23:15
Graham Earl Berkhamsted CC 29:01
Matthew Oborne Dunstable Road CC 27:21
Allison Kaye Verulam CC 30:54
Keith Farquharson Berkhamsted CC 27:25
Martin Webb Icknield RC 30:02
Paul Molyneux Berkhamsted CC 30:18
Mark Ashley Berkhamsted CC 29:21
Richard Jennings Army Cycling Union 21:57
Robin Prior Southgate CC 28:04
Robin Lord Berkhamsted CC 28:57
Richard Metcalfe Berkhamsted CC 30:31
Paul Hartwell Berkhamsted CC 29:32
Mathew Earles Lovelo Cinelli RT 25:04
Alan Farrance Berkhamsted CC 27:24
Kristin Stolpe Berkhamsted CC 28:55
Michael Gower Berkhamsted CC 28:23
Simon Pearce Berkhamsted CC 25:09
Nick Mccormick Epsom CC 26:27
Hayley Oates Hemel Hempstead CC 30:05
Hazar Emre Tez Islington CC 24:56
Andrew Oborne Dunstable Road CC 27:43
Richard May Islington CC 25:20
Nick Clarke Lovelo Cinelli RT 25:12
James Leek Southgate CC 24:05
Andy Smith Hemel Hempstead CC 26:52
Richard Webster Green Arrow CRT 25:11
Adrian Feek Bath Road Club 27:44
Andrew Porter Welwyn Whs 30:52
Zoe Adams Hemel Hempstead CC 28:07
Mark Cox Fairly United CT 22:48
Marc Preece Royal Air Force CA 25:03
Darren Powell TMG Horizon CT 24:38
Josh Crow-Stewart Hemel Hempstead CC 23:04
Neil Barnes Berkhamsted CC DNF
Andrew Jarratt Southgate CC DNF
Alex Elferink Serpentine Running Club DNS
John Hassall Bossard Whs DNS
Sarah Warrington Berkhamsted CC DNS
Michael Bennett Bicester Millennium CC DNS
Jason Horn Berkhamsted CC DNS
Des Byrne Berkhamsted CC DNS
Haley Fyans Aylesbury CC DNS
Philip Burgin Newbury RC DNS
Bernie Fyans Aylesbury CC DNS
Keith Richardson Mildenhall CC DNS
Ian Benson Aylesbury CC DNS