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Club Hill Climb

Huge thanks from the club to all for supporting the Hill Climb on 22nd October 2016. It’s the clubs last event of the season. 30 riders braved the mist to tear up Tom’s Hill – huge thanks to Ashmei for hosting us this morning.
Simon Pearce put in a very strong performance, coming second in the Men’s Veterans category. Kristin Stolpe impressed again with a second in the Women’s Senior category and Matt Buckle narrowly missed out on 3rd in the Men’s Senior by 0.98 of a second.
It was my first time as Time keeper and after a short steward’s enquiry, one of the times was corrected at the end which impacted the results for Men’s Senior and the Interclub award for men. Thanks to Nick Clarke of Lovelo RT for the help with the sheet.
Big shout to Matty Earles who came first overall (riding for Lovelo RT) as well as the ladies team for the Interclub shield. Commiserations to Lovelo men’s team who were pipped by Watford Men for the Men’s Interclub Shield.
Massive congrats to ALL riders today – as a club we put in a great performance today and we are very proud of everyone who made it out to ride or support.

Full Results
Men’s Vets
1st Matty Earless (Lovelo RT)
2nd Simon Pearce (bcc)
3rd Tim Newman (Lovelo RT)
1st Anna Henderson (Lovelo RT)
2nd Sam Fawcett (Lovelo RT)
3rd Kristin Stolpe (BCC)
Men’s Senior
1st Thomas Meadherbert (Watford Velo)
2nd William McAlpine (The Bike Loft)
3rd Matt Ward (Watford Velo)
Interclub (M)
Watford Velo
Interclub (W)
Lovelo RT
Final results
Start Time First name Last name Finish Time
09:23:00 matty earles 2.21
09:16:00 thomas meadherbert 2.22
09:09:00 william macalpine 2.23
09:26:00 matt ward 2.24
09:08:00 matt buckle 2.25
09:27:00 tim salmon 2.26
09:04:00 simon pearce 2.27
09:20:00 tim newman 2.27
09:24:00 nick darvell 2.27
09:29:00 daniel pells 2.27
09:12:00 stuart smith 2.28
09:25:00 louis francis 2.32
09:17:00 anna henderson 2.33
09:01:00 josh vinden 2.34
09:30:00 sam alison 2.39
09:28:00 tim warrell 2.40
09:14:00 nick tetstall 2.45
09:22:00 nick clarke 2.51
09:15:00 andy ashwell 2.52
09:03:00 simon may 2.57
09:13:00 andy smith 3.02
09:19:00 sam fawcett 3.06
09:11:00 kristin stolpe 3.13
09:18:00 charlotte verinder 3.18
09:10:00 george leavey 3.26
09:05:00 julian ormerod 3.29
09:02:00 hayley oates 3.33
09:07:00 christian male 3.33
09:06:00 david norden 3.36
09:21:00 simon bowller 3.38

Photo’s of the day can be viewed on Flickr (no need to join but if you do it’s free and you can download full size images).
BCC Hill Climb 2016

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