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MK Bowl 5 May 2017

Matt, Richard, Tom and Ben raced at the Milton Keynes Bowl crit on Thursday 5th May 2017. A fantastic showing of BCC colours with a 1 2 3 but, unfortunately, only on the first lap!

Some words from the team below…

Matt (in the 3/4 cat race)…
“Felt good the whole race, had a good position and then lost it and was never in the sprint for the line. Annoying I felt as if I could have won. Should’ve done better really. Apologies if my profanity comes out on the video.”
Provisional result has Matt in 7th place with more points in the bag. Chapeau.

Richard (in the cat 4 race)…
“Very good race, much faster than the two previous weeks, averaged just under 25mph including the warm down lap. We raced anti clock today, the wind certainly slowed the sprint down on the hill. Otherwise a strong BCC showing.”
Provisional result has Rich in 20th place.

Ben (in the cat 4 race)…
Head/cross wind on the climb made for hard work and the first corner after the descent is a long sweeper so strung things out too. More riders there than last week with far too much energy to burn!
Provisional result has Ben in 13th place.

Tom’s provisional result is 12th in the cat 4 race.