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Weekend News

As the weather starts to improve more club cyclists are enjoying our Saturday morning ride and we have a new club record with 230 members.

The club caters for most levels of cyclists and as long as you can maintain an average speed of 19 kmh (12 mph) and have a road bike then head over to our membership pages for details of how to join.

The clubs Saturday morning ride now starts from our new HQ at Berkhamsted Cricket Club HP4 1HE

Along with the different speed group Saturday morning rides we have introduced a training focused ride for members that want to improve or re-gain performance in preparation for Sportives or events later in the year. These rides have been designed by our Performance Officer (also a triathlon coach) in conjunction with our Ride Coordinator.

For faster riders and club racers the early (7:00am) Saturday ride has recently included riders from other clubs. Notably Alice Lethbridge the Cycling Time Trial Women Best British All-Rounder along with other national level racers. The early ride is a great way for like minded riders to team up/chain-gang around the Chilterns challenging terrain.

The club have lots of events planned for 2019 with social events, sportives (local and further afield) and hosting a road race (with picnic) along with a time trial and hill climb later in the year.

Riders have already put in a phenomenal amount of km’s this year. From 1st Jan 2019 to 31st March the riders have (stats from Strava) …

• Ridden 141,878 km’s

• Climbed 1,347,053 meters

• In 5,702 hours

That’s over 152 times up Everest and almost 5 times around the world!

To be part of our award-winning club and enjoy the spring/summer weather in some of the best countryside close to London click here for our membership details.

And last-but-not-least the mudguard season is over 😊