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Weekend News

The first 6 months of 2019 has seen the club put in a phenomenal amount of riding.
Stats from Strava are:
365,193 km’s ridden or 12.5 times around the world.
2,658,347 meters climbed or 413.5 times up Everest.

Some of the clubs recent adventures…

Enjoying post Saturday morning club ride refreshments at the HQ.

Ian and team won the Snowdonia 7 Super vets age category in Llanberis, Wales.

Nick Clarke (BCC 2nd claim member) came 5th in the National 100 mile Time Trial. (That’s a Camelbak water carrier in case you were wondering).

Rob, Neil, Matthew, Christian, Carl, David and Janice at the Maratona ride in the Dolomotes. 136km’s with 4,330 meters climbing.

The clubs Isle of Wight Trip was a huge success with Mike, Briony, Margot, Michael, Paul, Michael, Lyle and Antony.

Julian participating in the Coast to Coast In a Day ride.

Sam, Janice, Sarah and Margot at the Bicester Millennium 4-up Team Time Trial.

Richard racing at Milton Keynes Bowl criterium.

Heather racing Ironman in Nice, France.

And last but not least, Berkhamsted Cricket Club (our HQ) is world famous as a screen saver on Windows 10. Well spotted Graham! 

Available to download here.